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Carol Wheeler Scholarship Fund

WIPAN is proud to announce the launch of the ‘Carol Wheeler Scholarship Fund’ for disadvantaged students who wish to participate in the Washington-Ireland Program.

Alumni are asked to donate to the fund throughout the year and all funds raised (less £10 annual membership fee if not already paid) will be passed to the Washington-Ireland Program in May each year and awarded by WIP to suitable applicants. The fund was launched in February 2006 by 18 alumni from the classes of 1997 -2005 at the annual Project Children and WIP fundraiser in the Kennedy Centre, Washington, DC.

Carol said afterwards "there's no more meaningful gift you could have given me than setting up a fund to provide scholarships for deserving students who need a financial hand. (I, for one, needed that when I was a college student.) And the fact that it's going to be funded through an alumni-driven campaign for donations is the best part of all. There's no escaping the fact that money is indeed the bottom line in allowing WIP to sustain itself and to grow. And the fact that you recognize that -- and are willing to pitch in and do your part -- makes me both proud (of you!) and optimistic about the future."

You can donate to the fund by sending a cheque made payable to ‘WIPAN’ to:-

Washington-Ireland Program Alumni Network
c/o WIP
Queen’s University Students Union
University Road

Alternatively, you can donate using our new online payment system.

Visit the WIPAN Paypal site
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