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Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES)

The Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) is a registered UK Charity run by young people for young people of Northern Ireland. YES was co-founded by participants of the Young Leaders Program 2001, now the Washington Ireland Program for Service and Leadership . The Washington Ireland Program provides opportunities for university students to gain professional training through internship and leadership training in Washington DC, USA.

Inspired by the idea of offering new opportunities to the youth of the whole community of Northern Ireland, four participants of the Young Leaders Program, undergraduates from Queens University and the University of Ulster, decided that on their return from the USA that they would set up a mentoring scheme in Northern Ireland. The idea for establishing YES was based on “Team Work for Tomorrow” a similar scheme established by undergraduate students of Notre Dame University, USA.

The model conceived by YES promotes the social inclusion of children of religious, ethnic, socio-economic and educational diversity. The scheme provides a neutral environment where children can learn new skills and develop new friendships. The organisation uses drama, media and art to provide children with a channel for creative expression. We also aim to address current issues faced by children through workshops ranging from anti-bullying, anti-racism to the promotion of active citizenship. We believe this approach will aid the self-development of participants and contribute to building and sustaining of a vibrant pluralist society in Northern Ireland. The focus of YES, therefore, is the involvement of children in education with the principles of promoting diversity, encouraging creative expression and active citizenship.

For more information on the Youth Empowerment Scheme and to check out their latest activities, please see their website

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