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MARCH 2006
27/03/2006 Stretegic Plan Launched
20/03/2006 Irish Valentine At Kennedy Centre A Huge Success

Strategic Plan Launched

Following a period of reflection and consultation with all stakeholders of WIPAN, the Strategic Plan has now been launched.

Outlining the aims of WIPAN over the coming years, it will be a blue-print for the ongoing development of the organisation.

You read or download the final version of the plan on our website.

Read the Strategic Plan


Irish Valentine At Kennedy Centre A Huge Success

Eighteen alumni from the classes of 1997-2005 were on stage in the Kennedy Centre in Washington, DC on 23 February to honour Carol Wheeler as she stepped down as Chair of the Washington Ireland Program. Never before have so many alumni attended this annual fundraiser for WIP and Project Children, making this a most memorable event.

The ‘Irish Valentine’ event is an opportunity to raise the profile of both programs, giving past participants an opportunity to let the audience know the impact the programs have had on their lives, and will have on the lives of children and young people in the future.

WIP alumni spoke about their being inspired to form their own charity – YES; the friendships that have formed, not only in each class, but also across the years, and even marriage in some cases!; memories of Hemlock, Habitat for Humanity, Community Service Projects, Host families and of course the ‘Leadership Moments’.

Three of our alumni, enjoyed the Mount Lebanon experience so much they joined a gospel choir in Dublin - the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir, giving them the excuse to take centre stage with the Mount Lebanon Choir at the end of the evening.

As Andrew McCann said – “This program isn’t just a 6 month experience, it is life changing because of the frienships it fosters and unique paths it opens for all alumni. And because if offers our generation a way to create a new and a shared future for the island of Ireland”

The Carol Wheeler Fund was officially launched by Shane Carmichael (class of 1997) in recognition of the desire of all WIP alumni to ensure the program can continue to provide students with this remarkable experience. with the initial target to be to provide funding for 8 students to receive bursaries this year.

Carol said afterwards “there's no more meaningful gift you could have given me than setting up a fund to provide scholarships for deserving students who need a financial hand. (I, for one, needed that when I was a college student.) And the fact that it's going to be funded through an alumni-driven campaign for donations is the best part of all. There's no escaping the fact that money is indeed the bottom line in allowing WIP to sustain itself and to grow. And the fact that you recognize that -- and are willing to pitch in and do your part -- makes me both proud (of you!) and optimistic about the future.”

On the Friday evening there was a dinner with host families from across the years attending and of course yet more presentations to Carol. Some of you will be hearing from your old host families who have lost touch and are dying to get back in touch!


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